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The Hunter's Chronicles - Friday 13th April 2012

Der Gestapo - Part Zwei.

The trigger finger was itchy... Something was gunna pop its clogs today. Of the stallions in the stable, it was the mkII TX200 that whinnied the loudest. Took her for a leg stretch in the paddock, pellet on pellet at 30 yards, nice. And off we went.

Glorious sunshine beamed down. The rolling green fields spread out in front, the valley capped by forest either side.

I took up a favoured spot overlooking a much frequented warren. It wasn't long before the MKII took a bite.

He was alot smaller than I thought, mental note, 9x mag makes things look nine times bigger...

Then the TX200 barked again,

Another clean dispatch.

"What are you doing!" I had switched positions and shortly after I was ambushed from behind the gate by a 'senior' looking white haired fellow.
"Hunting"... was my reply. (I'm sitting in full camo with a rifle pointed at a warren..)
"Do you have the owners permission?"
"Mr Farmer's, yes, of course."
"Police are on the phone."
"Sorry, who are you?! And why the devil did you call the police!?"
"I didn't. I live down the road"
"What, just there?" Says I, pointing to the one and only property on the border of the field.
"I've been coming here for over a month now." I stop myself from saying "I'm surprised you haven't seen me..." No I wasn't, I flipped it on it's head,
"I'll take it as a compliment you haven't seen me!"
He gave a genuine laugh which seemed to disarm his abrupt 'you naughty boy tone'.
When I said who I was, he seemed satisfied and promptly disappeared.

I awaited Der Gestapo and I took no chances. I made sure I was at least 50 feet from the road. When I spied their vehicle, I discharged the shot into the ground and swiftly bagged up the TX. What gun?

I rolled a smoke as they chatted behind the hedge.

My turn. I heartily greeted the two agents with a "Good Afternoon! What brings you here?"

Thankfully PC Blonde and PC Tall were not 'Policy Enforcement' officers, rather 'Peace' Officers. My gun wasn't even mentioned by them. They'd had a call from someone driving past the fields :censored: , all was well, they were happy. I told them how often I had and would frequent these fields and they promised they'd make a note and inform people I was known to them.

I was bemused by the observation that there were loads of pheasants, "why didn't I go for them?" Ho Ho Ho, I ain't falling for that! No, it was innocent enough, there are loads around. I made the excuse Mr Farmer bred them so they were a no no.

When they left, I gutted a rabbit and put it out to bait some crows. No luck.

Much later I returned and bagged another bunny.

Thoroughly whacked, I headed off home.

One squizzy whizzer less, but I couldn't claim credit for this one...

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