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The Hunter's Chronicles - Sunday 15th April 2012

Blue above, Green in front. Fantastic.

Today it was time to switch to another warren, The former seemingly close to exhausted, the numbers now down to single figures and consisting mostly of little ones. I'm concentrating on the most visible high profile warrens in order to impress and secure future permission, at the same time, it would be wise not to also bring about the obsolescence of my services. I also hope that a bit of pruning should help stave off any temptation from Mr Mixi...

So here I took up temporary residence. Gamebag underneath the rifle, the shadows extending across the field.

But I was not on form... missing three sitters as I failed to accurately gauge the range.

(Taking the above photo with my mobile free hand kept me amused for quite a frustrating while!)

Cue my latest gadget Strelok, a few minor adjustments and in the gamebag went this little fella...

Fate was not the kindest to this little chap, he decided to lower his head at just the point I fired, the pellet hit where intended, only that spot was now his spine. Thankfully I got to him quickly to swiftly break his neck. Regretful, but this time not down to an error or oversight on my part.

20:00 and I was cold. For the past hour nothing had materialised and yet I knew the field was awash with rabbits and pheasants, behind me. I gave up on the warren I had been observing and slowly turned to the nearest rabbit, by counting the fence posts between me and him, a reference having been taken from me to the warren, I calculated he was approximately 60 yards. Tapped this into Strelok and the app showed me where on my reticle he should sit. Monkey see monkey do, and BLOW ME DOWN if the little beggar didn't give a leap into the air and twitch his last! A pellet right through the ear. By far and away one of the best and definitely the furthest shot of my career.
Hoorah for Strelok (now I'd like a laser rangefinder...)

Another cracking performance from the HW97k and RWS Superfield combo.

In the words of my pal tigger - TTFN!

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