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The Hunter's Chronicles - Saturday 28th April 2012

Conditions of late have not been favourable.

The paths around our caravan are churned up with thick sticky soil. Where rain has been able to flow, stone has been exposed underneath. The chickens look bedraggled, their run fit to be a scene from the Somme. I wouldn't be surprised if after this I'm treating them for shell shock and trench foot...

Still, growth has been incredible upon the trees and the vegetable patch. The rabbits are out in force, so Darth Vader and I seized the longest lull to go a-hunting.

This stretch is an embarrassment. The rabbits are numerous, and on the whole, wary. Here they are visible from the track behind, and ordinarily at least 2-5 can be seen at all times of the day. There are far more than that in total i'm sure, and you can bet your bottom dollar if you said to the land owner, "yep, all done" they would be there, waiting, to call you a liar.

To the right of the gate is a tree. It splits into a vee and has a leafy, but unfortunately placed hawthorn bush that likes to remind of its presence with a poke in the back of the right leg under the bumcheek if you start to relax. Very useful for maintaining concentration.

Here Darth Vader and I waited. A target presented itself, lazed at 62 yards. Didn't bother. The other two warren exit holes were lazed at 28 and 42 yards. After missing a seemingly straight forward shot, i double checked and found it was in fact 48 yards away... my mistake as I think the laser clipped a fence post due to my extreme angle.

Shortly after, Darth Vader summoned this little soul to the gates of Valhalla.

Now yes, Kits are not the most cautious of quarry, and could quite possibly be nailed with a boot to the face, but I was still very pleased with not only Darth Vaders accuracy, but the punch of the .22. As the Kit was face on and not presenting any safe headshot, I elected for a heart and lung shot through the chest/neck. The trauma exhibited on the body showed that death would most certainly have come swiftly even if the vital organs were somehow miraculously untouched.

The clouds released a shower, and we bid a hasty retreat. I aim to head back out with the tx200 and the lamp and see if .177 can't chalk one up too!

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