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The Hunter's Chronicles - Saturday 28th April 2012 - Part II

I supped my cuppa and had a long hard look at the dark ominous cloud formation the other side of the valley through the caravan window. Hmmm. Another check of the forecast. Computer says good, cloud says bad....Stuff it.

I headed out to the Nissan Terrano high security Shed cum Greenhouse (albeit with one constantly and slowly deflating tyre) when I was visited for the second time by a rather interesting agricultural worker. I first met him at 07:00 one morning. He confessed to having been outside since 04:00, a harmless chap who very much enjoyed regaling me not only with the latest songs he had composed but also with his harmonica and theory on the spread of TB.... I later discovered that whilst I was being undeniably entertained, his dog ate one of my rabbit skins that had been pinned on a board to dry...shame it wasn't the cockerel...

I bid him good day after reading his 'star letter' in Cotswold Life magazine and accepting a murray mint, and promised to text him so he had my number...I will, at some point.

A few shots to check zero and out I went again, this time with the MKIII TX200, back to the spot I took the kit with the Stealth.

40 yards down the fence line were two rabbits that seemed not only oblivious to my squeaks, but also to my attempt to kill them. My first shot clipped either a twig or the gate as I crept up on them, they half heartedly darted to the hedge line but very soon returned. By this time I was in the position pictured. And ready.

1-1. Another kit.

Now they seemed to get the message that death was lurking in the bushes and they bid a hasty retreat. I hung on another 20 minutes before retrieving and gutting my kill, then moving on.

I chose a spot 35-40 yards from a major and often frequented warren. It has been the focus of my attention but it sits where a small young woodland meets the field and is no doubt an entry and exit point as well as being homes.
I scanned the valley as I waited.

My faith was rewarded as the light was fading. A large buck scurried out some way into the field and presented me with the side of his skull. That was all that was required for the TX200 to send an RWS Superfield smack between his eye and ear.

I toyed with lamping the warren, but the frigid North wind got the better of me and I tramped home.

2-1 to the TX (although extra time is to be awarded to the Stealth!)

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