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The Hunter's Chronicles - Tuesday 17th April 2012

Round my way April truly has brought its notorious showers, so with a rather dodgy forecast I decided to make hay so to speak and utilise every dry evening opportunity (dawn is getting to much like hard work!).

Target; Wood Pigeon
Venue; Small isolated woodland surrounded by grazing fields towards the lower half of the valley. Reconnaissance showed heavy concentrations of roosts at the north end on the east side. A steep slope rising from east to west. In order to minimise the angles I chose to hide along the elevated bank.
Trees; mature, broad leaf. Many covered in thick ivy reducing field of fire and line of sight.

I arrived about 18:30 to give plenty of time to set up. Often when i'm static hunting and waiting, I check out whats happening on The Hunting Life. Just so happened secretagentmole had pm'd me with some pigeon hunting tips. They were good too, I trialled them on a Jay.

Straight through the heart. Thanks Moley! Now, time to get some dinner!

Activity had slowed down considerably, after I had finished giving moley my excuses and just put my mobile away a pigeon landed right in front of me. Crap. For a few seconds i froze so as not to scare it off. having that strange staring match you do as your quarry makes its calculations. I inched the rifle up slowly, slowly. God knows how they do it, but they just seem to know death is close and bugger off!

Damn it!

Had a couple of pops at some others but was really having a crash course in hold under on a .177 . Roost shooting is not my normal approach to bagging dinner and the angles make things a nice challenge, not to mention the bloody twigs!

Finally as the light faded this little fella took pity and hung around to meet his maker.

Many thanks to secretagentmole for his 'in field' mentoring!

Was alot of fun, if dry, I intend to visit tomorrow night and exploit what I think will be a better shooting position.

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