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The Hunter's Chronicles - Tuesday 24th April 2012

T'would appear I'm not the only one afflicted by 'Itchy Trigger Finger' syndrome. But when I get the urge, I simply drop a text, pick up my gun and step across the road. It is not that simple for others I hear. Some choose to spend their time doing other things that means they can't do what they want when they want. I work too, but am self employed.

Poor Mawders*....

As I lay basking in the sun as the clouds passed, I amused myself greatly by rubbing this fact into Mawders' face! I often wile away the time between shots on my mobile browsing 'new content' on here. I've never had a textual relationship whilst hunting before....

It wasn't long before I triumphantly rubbed this in his mush.

A big fat buck.

Dinner stopped play and I headed back out. Eerily just as Mawders sent another grumble, I shot a similar sized Doe. Poor Poor Mawders. If the light hadn't have gotten so low I would've taken another glory shot.

Well fellas just two very quick mooches today. I'm actually trying to hold off the rabbits abit and concentrate on the pigeons before the leaves make roost shooting even more difficult.

Watch this space though because after tomorrow's delivery I'll be introducing our bunny friends to DARTH VADER!!!

*Mawders is a chap from The Hunting Life Forum

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