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A Doe, A Rabbit - Thursday 18/08/11

Spent this morning aiding Kit in doing some site work laying drainage pipes for the Hub. Good experience too as I believe that will be our next task and step in Kits build.

After lunch, I took to meandering about and delivered some letters that I found in pigeon holes that looked important.
I cooked a pasta,pesto and fried seeds and vegetables dish for dinner and at 21:00 set off for a late hunt with the Webley. The light had already faded, but in what little remained I spotted the flash of a rabbits white tail. The first shot went over the top, the second fell short as I over compensated.
The webley's .22 caliber is proving to be factor in my marksmanship plus I can't be sure that it is zeroed to the optimum distance.
Upon my return, I swapped guns and fitted TX200 .177 with my new hunting lamp kit. My experiment with the red filter proved successful. The eyes of horses and rabbits shine back in its light. A shetland pony wasn't happy at my presence and attempted to charge me. I stopped him in his tracks with a low growl and a hiss. He promptly about turned.
Over in the next field, I scanned the beam along the hedgerows. In the corner of my eye, I saw a flash way out towards the middle. A rabbit. With the light off I crept as close as I dared and took a shot. Miss. Another slow creep forward in darkness. I took my time, even adjusting the magnification of the scope a few times, the rabbit was seemingly unperturbed by my presence. The next shot felled it. No kicks, no running, the rabbit just collapsed on its side. I paused with the light still on, peering through the lens to be sure that if I had only wounded my quarry and it ran, I could track it and quickly finish the job. There was no need. As I approached, the last nervous twitches were subsiding. The pellet had struck between the eye and ear, a bit higher than I would've liked, but evidently the outcome was still an instant death.
As I massaged the urine from the bladder, I felt a row of nipples on the underside. A large and healthy doe.
Upon my return I gutted my prize and hung it under the gazebo by the light of a hurricane lamp. I wish I knew where my head torch has disappeared to.
It's 00:32. Good night/morning.

Kits new toy.
M Jones

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