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Prometheus' Piles - Thursday 31/08/11

Yesterday, in accordance with Kit's wishes, I processed two large trugs of junk wood from the Promethean pile.
Nick returned, very pleased indeed to be back. His trip to Belgium to watch the Grand Prix reportedly and understandably left feeling out of place and reaffirmed his choice of lifestyle.
As I emerged from my hole this morning I sauntered over to Nicks patch to have a chat. His new purchase, a Tarpon 130T Canoe, was prepped and ready for an outing. The weather was perfect, clear and warm. A great day for fishing and a trip to the beach.

Nigel and Cassie had the same idea. Frances was most upset that they couldn't fit her in their car. We tried to arrange borrowing a car, but none was available. Instead, Paul offered Frances the opportunity to join them for a swim. On the condition she was accompanied.
I had hoped to begin scything, but I was not about to pass on the chance of a good clean.

We returned around 13:30 and after a couple of sandwiches and a coffee, I began work.
The scythe just wasn't cutting it. In every manner. I think my technique remains. I sharpened the blade thoroughly. I think the grass, a stouter, shorter variety than those in the field, was not suited to the Austrian blade. I appeared to be cutting some and folding over the rest.
Time to break out Kits new lawn mower. I regretted doing so. Loud, heavy, cumbersome and horribly brutal and destructive. This machine was a Flymo, definitely not designed for my purpose. That said, I didn't like the finish it left on the short grass. I much prefer the effect of the push mower.
I moved the focus of my endeavours to the orchard. I fared better there but the result is not the manicured look required. I'm definitely not happy luggin that infernal petrol contraption up there.

At 17:00 with one row done in the orchard, I returned the scythe and sharpening stone to their respective owners.
Following my late night last night, I feel satisfactorily spent. That good days work feeling.
The Promethean Pile

M Jones

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