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The Lamentations Of A Corn Child - Friday 02/09/11

The Lamentations Of A Corn Child

There's a Monster in my valley,
There's much snarling and gnashing of teeth,
This Monster does not sleep.

It's eyes are brighter than fire,
Piercing clouds as they tear the night,
and shred the sky.

Slain are all who stand before Him,
He cares not what they are, not animal,
nor vegetable.

This beast stands high and mighty,
He dwarfs the tallest man,
Yet he slides upon his belly.

The perfect storm has, and must be, brewed 
to summon out this devil,
As terrible as He is,
The Earth yearns to bear a scar.

For years now has this Demon visited this our blessed land,
But it was not always so,
When we harvested by hand.

Today, I celebrate the 9,490th time I have witnessed the Sun set over this, my Earth. 9,490 times I have died as the day has died yet been resurrected as the cock has crowed.
If the Fates will weave it, I will see another 9,490 more. Tonight I die, Tomorrow I may rise.

Kitten All Dressed Up

M Jones

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