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Tan My Paled Flesh - Monday 22/08/11

Kit very nearly got away with no one knowing that today was his birthday. This being one of the most productive since his return appeared to be celebration enough for him. The gods smiled upon us and granted the land a day of glorious sunshine. Strong enough to tan my paled flesh almost to the point of burning.

Yesterday I butchered the Rabbit and in the evening Kit, Saara and Henri joined us for Rabbit stew with dumplings and sweet potato. The leftovers of that meal fed us twice more today.

Frances has begun talking about Halloween. Whilst I may feel it premature, there are only two months left between now and then. Images of the dark and cold from the memories of last winter spring to mind. The near ripe blackberries do not comfort me either. We are in the evening hours of the time of plenty.

Offal to the Cat.

Legs and head to the dog - Nothing wasted.

Yum Yum

M Jones

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