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Realisation, Evaluation - Sunday 28/08/11

The weather has been most changeable of late. Strong sunlight interrupted by heavy ominous clouds dragging their pregnant bellies over the horizon and giving birth on our caravan.
I am excited by the prospect, and very keen to, plant some wheat. I found some ripe specimens near the building site where straw was deposited in the winter. This wheat, I believe, was grown in Pembrokeshire so I would like to cultivate it separate from the wheat I bought from the other side of England.
I have found myself pondering where I am and measuring that against where I wish to be. I know this exercise to be folly. I am where I am and it's obviously where I want to be otherwise I wouldn't be here... I attribute it to the realisation that the anniversary of my birth draws near. An obvious time for evaluation. But there is no need to evaluate. All is well.

Airing himself? Or just hanging out?

Cerberus' little sister.

M Jones

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