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Kittens, Kingdoms n Crime - Tuesday 06/09/11

It would seem I dwell in the presence of a heroic kitten. A couple of days ago, a particularly evil wasp menaced our caravan. So demonic was its wing beat that even I was having second thoughts about ejecting Beelzebub's agent. So I called upon the services of our lodgers. It was time to earn their keep.
All three I gathered up and placed them on the windowsill to observe which, if any, would do battle with the Satanic insect. After careful assessment and obvious deliberation, the boys let the girl do the dirty work. Up she stepped to the mark.
She batted with her left, downing and disorientating the demon, this she repeated until finally she dealt the killer blow and bit it. An instant after, she soared a metre up into, and across, the room from her perch emitting a squeak of confusion and pain as she did.
She came to a halt in the kitchen shivering in shock with a large stinger embedded in her top lip. A bowl of heroes milk was brought forward, and as I held her head still, Emma extracted the offending weapon. The guts and entrails of its former owner still attached. Banished to Hell from whence it came, Lucifer's minion reports his defeat at the paws of a two month old kitten. As she supped her fill from the saucer of victory, I fended off her interloper brothers as the cowards attempted to rob her of her glory. After the kitten of Achilles retired, her mother materialised and finished her daughters prize. She, the cats mother (literally), unaccounted for when most required of course.

Inbetween my observations of the animal kingdom, I have been the vessel of many musings of late.
I have often said to those who will listen, that here at Lammas I have witnessed the birth of government. It has been this experience that has highlighted an elephant in the room.

I am a shareholder of Lammas. As one, I am entitled to, and in ownership of, a percentile share of the company 'stock'. I also have the right to vote in meetings, and elect a board of 'Directors'. All very normal in the business world... Anyone else see the parallels to our 'normal' lives yet?
As evidence of my ownership/title, upon purchase of my 'share', I was issued a certificate. From this title/certificate flow all other rights. I am also in possession of a very similar certificate. A 'birth' certificate.
Contrary to the teachings of Robert Menard and Mary Croft, I do not believe this certificate represents a 'bond' or contract or has an attached secret bank account. I believe it evidences my percentile ownership or 'interest' in the Corporation known as the United Kingdom. It is my 'share'. Shares have many roles and purposes and I would advise readers to research the history of that creation and origin.
Essentially, I believe, a shareholder expects a good return. Sadly with the amount of shareholders, and with their numbers increasing, your percentile share is decreasing each minute (the reported birth rate), therefore, it is likely to payout very little when you redeem it. Your 'pension' or dividend.
Lets move to the vote, as I understand it, despite many attempts to deny them, prisoners retain the right to vote. Of course they do. They are shareholders, albeit naughty ones.
So, at the 'AGM', or rather 'GM', when we are given the opportunity to vote, we are in fact voting to elect a glorified board of Directors. Directors without the accountability and responsibility of a conventional Director.
Here's a twist. All shares can be traded. This trade of shares spawned the 'stock' exchange. That being so, I want to cash out. I am a savvy 'investor' (vested-in) and I know that the debt the corporation I am a shareholder in is insurmountable and unrepayable. A sinking ship. Would you knowingly invest in a bankrupt company being artificially kept afloat in spite of extensive asset stripping etc?
I am sincerely considering offering for sale on a prominent auction website, my 'share' (birth) certificate, and all its ascribed 'benefits'. That could include, my passport and drivers license as well as bank accounts. After all they are assets of my 'person'. All it would require is an updated photograph of the new owner to create joinder. Do you remember when you first applied for a passport? What did your neighbour have to write on the back of the photo?
"I certify this photograph to be a true likeness of..." A legal statement that need only be repeated.

No fraud. No Forgeries. No 'crime'. Just business.
UK citizenship anyone?

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The Wheat People Babies!

M Jones

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