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Give Me An Order, I'll Give You A Bill - Thursday 25/08/11

A few small items worthy of note have occurred of late. Firstly, Council tax. Pembrokeshire County Council sent me a letter over a week ago. To which I replied.


Thank you for your letter “Re: BLAH" dated 9th August 2011, received 12th August 2011.

In your letter you state that you “require further information...regarding the Council Tax”.

Mr WARLESS WARRIOR can confirm that a 'Static' Caravan was purchased. It was sited ... on the 28th of November 2010.
Mr WARLESS WARRIOR commenced occupation of a Static Caravan approximately 7 days after it was sited.

In your letter you request the following;

  • Please advise if you are the owners of the plot itself, or whether you pay rent to the owner of the land, also confirm who the owner is.
  • Please advise if Mr LANDLORD is living in a tent on the plot, and advise if he uses your caravan for washing/bathing.
  • Please advise if there is a stream or spring on the plot.

With all due respect, MR WARLESS WARRIOR fails to recognise how exactly the answering the above is of any meaningful consequence nor how it pertains to, or might inhibit the calculation of, any Council Tax Liability.
Mr WARLESS WARRIOR would like it noted that, in his opinion without evidence to the contrary, the above is a gross and indecent attempt by BUREAUCRAT OF PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL to unnecessarily and unjustifiably invade the privacy of a human being, namely MR LANDLORD, by gathering and collecting information for as yet unknown purposes under false pretences.
Mr WARLESS WARRIOR hereby demands that within seven days of receipt of this letter, BUREAUCRAT OF PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL, provide a full explanation and justification for the three requests made, showing exactly how the requested information is crucial, and inextricably linked, to the calculation of the Council Tax Liability of Mr WARLESS WARRIOR.
BUREAUCRAT OF PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL hereby agrees that, should no response satisfying the demand made in this letter by MR WARLESS WARRIOR be received within the time frame allotted, PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL will forfeit all future claim and right to charge/demand/pursue any form of 'Council Tax' from MR WARLESS WARRIOR.

Without malice, mischief, ill will, vexation or frivolity, in sincerity and honour,

W Warrior


On Behalf of


They haven't responded.

Secondly, yesterday, Emma received a threatening voicemail from someone purporting to be calling from a 'Registry Office'. This female, I believe called 'Joy' (She sounded far from joyous, so an ironic name no doubt) and said she would "Requisition" Emma and seek a Court Order.
The Government want title over our child and they appear desperate. They simply cannot force us. Let's look at the language.
"Requisition - noun: An official order laying claim to the use of property or materials.
Verb: Demand the use or supply of goods esp for military or public use" - 

As we know, every order is ordinarily met with a bill. A request can be denied.
If they issue a Court Order, I will issue a bill. It may be that I value the property they wish to obtain at 500 million pounds sterling, or units of functional currency within the United Kingdom of Great Britain. We will see if they wish to make a purchase.

Today Emma took our baby to the local health centre for a check up. Not a problem as she has an NHS number. Bang goes another myth that not registering your child is to deny them health care. Universal free health care, as the name suggests, appears not to be exclusive or limited.

The Erection Of Jude's Sun Dial.

M Jones

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