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Croutons! - Wednesday 17/08/11

Frances nearly missed her horse riding engagement this morning. A consequence of living a life absent of alarm clocks and calendars. Late morning Nick and I set about processing firewood. Nick chainsawing, I loading the saw horse. This was brought to a halt after the neighbours complained of the interference they felt the noise visited upon them. The work was rescheduled and Kit and I took the dumper truck and a trailer down to the quarry to collect the recently milled timber.
Task completed, Nick and I returned to our mornings work during an allotted window dictated by time the neighbours took their lunch and would therefore be indoors. Erin slept through the chainsawing despite being only meters away behind caravan walls.

A life 'first' occurred for me at lunch when Emma warned me the bread I wished to eat with my soup had been found to be stale. So I diced a slice and chucked it in the frying pan. Croutons!

When Kit had finished doing paid site work, we unloaded the timber from the trailer. Wishing to lower the physical demands of our tasks we stuck a brand new battery in Kit's mothballed Volvo and took it for a spin around the site. Our last stop was to deliver some doors to Simon and Jasmine.
Whilst there I learnt that agents of the council had taken photographs of their house, inside and out, seemingly without their consent and were presenting them as 'evidence' against the owners. Of course even if consent had been given, tacit or otherwise, it can always be withdrawn.

Darren from kindly transferred some very useful information to my hard drive before he and his family departed Tir-Y-Gafel.

Sleep came swiftly...

M Jones

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