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All But The Hardiest - Sunday 25/07/10

After a lazy morning, went to Emma's mums for Sunday lunch. Stuffed myself and promptly curled up on the sofa for a snooze. Didn't last long...ended up watching Oliver Twist with Fran. Feeling pretty crap after catching one of those deadly strains of cold. The type that would fell all but the hardiest of individuals. Lucky I'm such a hero!
I maintain its Emma's fault. I'm a hot sleeper that wears the minimum in bed and normally starts the night with the bedding half on and half off. Now SHE insists I sleep to her right and because of the end of the bed she's chosen, for our heads this means i must sleep by the window.1)  This is most incredibly inconvenient. It means i have to clamber over her in the morning as i am normally the first up and 2) it means the cold air from the window is funnelled onto me through out the night. Due to my state of undress, this has resulted in a fatal cold.
Things are gunna change around here...!


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