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Deeper Pockets - Thursday 10/06/10

Went to work. Bloody tough day. Also finding it really hard to keep focussed. I JUST WANT TO QUIT AND GET ON WITH THINGS!!!!!
Spoke to Parents who seem really quite supportive, which i definitely did not expect. They advised us to buy a caravan rather than a camper van. Bid on one on eBay for £200 with awning, trouble is it had a buy it now of £350 which we wanted to do, but now that option has now disappeared, so either we save £150 or we lose it to someone with deeper pockets.
Emma's Mum is now on board and she says her Nan is willing to help financially. Have a fair few concerns. Lots of thoughts flying around right now, doubt i'll sleep well.

NOT looking forward to being pissed about at work tomorrow. Hate my job now. Stops me doing what i need to do to get on with my life.

M Jones

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