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Siesta Syndrome - Wednesday 16/06/10

Bit of a rough day. Only due to a tiff with Emma. Started out ok, dropped Frances, my daughter, at school, Emma at work.
Came back, had a shave with my new cut throat razor. Only the 2nd time i've used it and not a nick yet! Then a soak in the tub. By the time i'd cleaned out my ears it was getting on for 10/10:30am. Hopped out, packaged up some PC games i'd sold then off to Post Office and over to my parents to return their laptop from being fixed by Emma's colleague. Also took over a digital photo frame about 6 months after i bought it for them. God i'm crap sometimes.
Had a bite and a chat then off to pick Emma up so she could grab some lunch at home.
I was then overwhelmed with siesta syndrome and succumbed by napping on the sofa whilst Em had a sarnie. Must've given the impression thats all i currently do all day!
Tiff started over glass and plastic. I know. Out of context its ridiculous, even in context its stupid.
Emma said we could keep our water in glass demi johns whereas my idea was to use one of my plastic brewing barrels with a tap and is 5 times the size. My argument was based on weight, hers on something her mother had said about plastic leeching chemicals. I was also talking broadly due to the legal restrictions on towing and 'train weight'.
Anyhoo. Without a word of thanks from Emma for our midday rendezvous and taxiing, i decided she could walk home. Weather was fantastic plus it'd free me up to actually get something useful done.
After picking up Frances from school I finally got round to sorting through and emptying my wardrobe.
4 bin bags worth! Might try and sell at car boot this weekend but they're most likely headed for the charity shop.

Luke came up for a chat and to chill. Always a pleasure.
Can't wait to do something else tomorrow that can summon my dream forward into reality. Even if it is just by one small step.

M Jones

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