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Discovery - Tuesday 15/06/10

Boy am i pooped! Been a hectic few days. Am doing my best not to let days go past unrecorded but it seems i need to be a bit more disciplined.
Handed my notice in Friday, with no intention of serving the one week required. I did warn the boss i would contract a "mysterious and intense" 4 day long illness that might dent my attendance record. The message obviously wasn't communicated judging by the phone call today from my rather annoyed supervisor. I did consider going in but soon thought better of it when i realised my core motive for doing so would be money, NO. I refuse to sell out to the system.
When I handed my notice in i'd calculated that the days I'd worked plus the holiday accrued was enough to fund my direct debits which i shall soon be cancelling.
To have gone in and suffered because of greed for gold would have been negating the point of this entire exercise.
That said, i am prepared that should the shit hit the fan and the money raised from the sale of our belongings not be, I would work a short period. But that scenario is exceedingly unlikely if we stick to the plan...

Saturday was supposed to be spent preparing for the car boot sale Sunday. Instead we bought a caravan i'd seen with a FOR SALE sign and £200 pegged to a curtain. The owner randomly, and very kindly lowered the price to £150 and we were in for one hell of a bargain!
4 berth, good condition, WITH awning and poles!
Home - For the foreseeable future...
Turns out it was her late fathers, but get this, when i mentioned to her brother i was after a 4x4 he gestured over his shoulder to a rough and ready looking Land Rover Discovery! He initially said he wanted £800/£750 for it but admitted it needed a new water pump. I text later on the Monday and lied i'd only been offered £500 for my car so could he meet me at £600, he agreed!
Got £600 for my Galant on eBay and better still, found a water pump for a Discovery for £15! The gods appear to be on my side (at present)

Now whilst the sale of my car has gone pretty smoothly so far (being paid for and picked up Friday i hope) Emma's car has been a different story... hopefully it'll sell for £250 a snip considering we paid £750 barely a year ago for it!

The car boot sale went okay i suppose. Overslept which didn't help but got rid of perhaps half the stuff we took and made £32 profit, promptly swallowed at the petrol pump along with £19 more of my meaningless currency. Took all the unsold stuff to the charity shop....

Anyhoo. Solar panels arrived today from Maplin god bless em. £199.99 60watts. Just need a proper battery for it Also need to work out how the electrics go together in the caravan. I have a hunch i know where the switch is...

M Jones

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