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Ze Germans - Wednesday 23/06/10

My parents father. Right i'm tired. Not done much though. My dad picked up Emma and Fran in the morning which left me free, and bored, having to stay housebound to wait for some estate agent to inspect the house. The very same agent who didn't bother to turn up. So now i have another day of lonely idleness to look forward to.
Disco Stu's cylinder was warped! had obviously been allowed to overheat in the past to such an extent that not only did the temperature deform solid metal but also melted a sensor and knackered the heat plugs. Still, i've been assured the whole lot will amount to no more than £400 so have relisted him on eBay at £1294. I hope i can make another £300 as i did on the Galant but if someone offers a grand i'll cut my losses and take it.
Watched England scrape a 1-0 victory against Slovenia. Bad news is it means we face ze Germans this Sunday. We're buggered in my opinion.
Watched a program called 'Erasing David' all about the information collected on us by corporations and the government. Scary shit man. He was a pillock though. He went 'on the run' from two private eyes he'd hired to track him down. His aim was to last 30 days... he lasted 18 after his wife called him and made him attend a baby scans which the P.Is knew about through some sneaky tactics. Typical. Brought down by a woman. So many great men have fallen that way. If the Creationists are to be believed the first was Adam... Samson's up there too, along with Greek and Roman heroes. Poor Bastards.

M Jones

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