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WOW! - Saturday 05/06/10 - Wednesday 09/06/10


What an adventure! Went to Lammas as planned, had a great day. Left, car broke down! Retreated to a petrol station we'd passed (car would start, appear to be fine, then die) filled up in case of dodgy fuel, then tried again. Same thing at exactly the same place which happened to be the sign reading "Welcome to Carmarthenshire". Check engine light would flash then engine would lose power and die. Decided to return to Lammas as a point of reference for the RAC, plus we wouldn't be on our own.
Ended up staying with a fantastic family for the best part of three days and have now decided to live there with them!
I cannot describe the feeling we've been left with. A calling. My soul has awakened. My energy is channelled. At Lammas we'll be growing our food and building a house...first steps are to fix car, sell/swap for camper/caravan. Sell our crap. Easy!
Just have to slug out our jobs for another month or two.
Now i have the system by the balls and not the other way around.

M Jones

Paul W running us through his build and explaining the planning battle
The Mill Pond
Simon D playing the air trumpet... only joking.
Nigel and Cassies reciprocal roof.
View across the valley from Simon D's plot
Morning at Lammas, Tir-Y-Gafel
Mill pond in the morning at Lammas, Tir-Y-Gafel
A peek inside Simon D and Jasmin's House
The Slug Refuge...

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