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Sunglasses And A Balaclava - Thursday 24/06/10

Feels as though the dream is fading. Feel bogged down by the grinding routine of this 'modern' living. Alot of my thinking time today has been devoted to how i can also disappear from the radar. To the extent of wearing sunglasses and a balaclava in and around towns and cities. Bit of a paradox considering that by hiding your identity you then become more visible. Granted, no one knows who you are, but conversely, i doubt it would take long before Big Brother would want to find out... Muslim women get away with it, hmmm theres and idea...naaahh....
Our man in Wales called to cancel this weekends visit. Pretty huge blow as i was relying on it to regain focus and perspective. A reminder of what is waiting at the other end... Just have to try and find a way to use the weekend to do something constructive. Something to bring the dream that one step closer. The trouble is, with the way my tired mind and body is, all i want to do is wallow in this misery.
Nice weather today though....

M Jones

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