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Couldn't Bag A Pigeon - Saturday 24/07/10

My new Edgar brothers MOD 60  .177 Air rifle vs my old Beeman
Got my new rifle! Wow is it a beast. Spent the day zeroing and letting it all settle in. Parked in Asda car park in Gloucester, so whilst i went to pick it up, Em and Fran went for a mooch and resupply. Joined them inside and went for a coffee and a cake.
We've been cramming in the modern conveniences recently such as McDonalds, KFC, and loads of TV and computer! 8:30pm went out with the air rifle to see if i couldn't bag a pigeon in the church yard over the road. Turns out i couldn't. Wasn't disappointed though. I love wandering the fields as quietly as possible. In hunter mode, your eyes are everywhere, so for once, you notice all thats around you. You hear the different bird calls, notice the bats darting over your head. Am very eager to do more of that and am very excited to think of all the countryside that will be at my disposal in this new life of ours.


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