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Packing In The TV - Thursday 22/07/10

Had a pretty relaxed day, bar the afternoon.
Morning was spent in blissful distraction finding little unimportant things to do in order to avoid the washing up.
Took Emma along with Fran to her friend Jaynes in South Cerney. Watched ALOT of TV...Packing it in while i still can!
On the way back i dropped off Em and Fran in town to nip back and collect the money for the Land Rover. After handing pretty much all of it over to Emma for my share of the Monterey, I paid the rest into my heavily overdrawn account.
Luckily we ate cheaply that night having been invited for a meal down at my parents neighbours.
Whilst down there Fran, and subsequently Anne, Em and David ended up playing all sorts of instruments ranging from the recorder, piccolo, clarinet, tenor and some rather wonderful stringed instrument whose name escapes me.
Looks rather like a foot.....

All in all a good day.

M Jones

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