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The Fabled Tipi Valley - Sunday 27/06/10

Friday was busy-ish, got the tracking and wheel alignment done on the new 4x4. Just as well too as we decided that we would go ahead and venture off to Wales in search of Tipi Valley.
We packed the necessary equipment in case we didn't find it as it is notoriously off the beaten track.
We got most of the way there before my phone battery died and I just drove on navigating with a combination of instinct and memory.
We found a spot that felt bloody close to Tipi Valley and at around 10 o'clock pitched a tent and bedded down.
I awoke around 5am Saturday morning and had a scout around. All the signs were there. A row of vans and converted campers, cars with maps chargers etc, evidence of traditional crafts and woodworking.
Found some wood and got a fire going, for breakfast we had rice...quite a good porridge equivalent!
Filled our water bottles at an eerily deserted farmhouse save for the cat who had met us the previous night and guided us to our camping spot. Transpired the occupants were at Glastonbury!
By following the track we then knocked on the last farmhouse on the track where the owner informed us we were in the right place, here was the fabled Tipi valley!
Back to the car to gather our stuff and off to the 'Big Lodge'.
We were greeted by Henry, a young chap with dreadlocks who put on a brew and answered our endless stream of questions and listened to our story. He introduced us to Lola and her three children. She in turn invited us to join the whole (or rather the remainder) of the community who were off to the village fair. On the walk down we picked a 12 foot bramble for the competition of who could find the longest bramble...
I joined the Valley men in a football tournament and seriously paid the price. Ouch! Cramp set in quickly due to the heat.
After Carol the Drunk was evicted we had the Big Lodge to ourselves for the duration of our stay.
Another 5am start for me on the Sunday. For me, in this lifestyle, it seems right to start the day when the sunrises, and turn in when it sets.
Frances got to ride two of the three horses with Jaz, I'll probably be heading down to the yurt of my team mate and fellow brewing enthusiast, Dan, to sample some of his much lauded Elderflower wine.
Another hot day so should be most refreshing, undecided as to whether we'll go back home this evening...

M Jones

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