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Blown A Gasket - Saturday 19/06/10

Landy water pump came. Of course i was in the bath, and yes on my own as Emma and Fran had nipped out to the shops. Bloody typical.
My Dad came over with some anti freeze and coolant and to look at the engine and advise me not to bother doing it myself...
Kinda followed his advice. I took it to a mate. Unfortunately, and as i suspected. It wasn't the water pump. We drained, flushed, and refilled the coolant system, but still something was wrong. The landy didn't overheat, but the coolant was overflowing and becoming pressurized over the prescribed 15 psi.
A neighbour quickly diagnosed the problem. I've been sold a land rover with a blown head gasket. Bummer.
Anyhoo. Being as i got it so cheap (and its now clear why) i can afford to get it repaired. Gunna do some serious bargaining come Monday. My dad is picking us up tomorrow for a roast dinner. Yum Yum.

M Jones

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