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Disco Stu - Tuesday 22/06/10

Disco Stu, for that is his name, is very poorly. So poorly in fact, i've replaced him. Instead, with the kind help of the mother in law, we have a Vauxhall Monterey aka Isuzu Trooper.
Disco Stu had a Pre-MOT which he passed, however, he has a indeed blown a head gasket. The cylinder head has been sent off to be inspected for cracks. Poor Stu.

The Monterey had a most interesting owner. An 80 year old gentleman, who certainly knew his stuff, and whose business was selling law books on eBay. His wife loved our daughter and whilst the women chatted, i was led to the bottom of his house to a porta cabin wherein was stored an extraordinary record of British legal heritage. Handwritten and bound in leather, were many many volumes recounting writs of the king as far back as 1475! He had in fact purchased the collection from Earl Spencer,m Princess Diana's brother, keen to flog the families treasures, apparently to "Live it up with some crumpet in Wales..." . Interesting.

M Jones

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