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Employment Is Unnatural.... Friday 04/06/10

Just another day at the Office...

Got up as required, got carried away checking the bank balance, was late leaving by 15 minutes.
Was hardly worth rushing as we only got pissed around anyway. I hate work. Its not because I'm workshy, i assure you. Employment is ridiculous and unnatural.
Think about it. Instead of spending the day doing things essential to our living and survival, we spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doing the same task over and over. So rather than doing many varied tasks and activities, we sell our souls and time for gold to pay someone else for something you could have made/done yourself and perpetuate the cycle.
Is it any wonder depression is so common? Unfortunately if everyone had my desire to not earn and work to live, the Government would have a severe income problem!

Wanted to sod off and go camping, but had loads of cleaning and washing up to do. Didn't finish the chores til gone 7pm. Settled for making a fire in the garden, and falling asleep by it. Got pretty cold so jacked it in.

Off to Wales tomorrow to visit the Lammas Project. An Eco village/ Smallholding jobby. Should be interesting, might get to go camping in time for the weather to turn shit....

Will let ya know.

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