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E-Coli - Wednesday 30/06/10

Stayed Monday and headed home :-(
Stopped off at the services for a burger and coffee, a good slap of what we want to leave!
Forced back into the services a of junctions later, as the food left me battling my eyelids. Not only did i have a snooze, but so did Em and Fran. Sadly all we've done thats positive is head over to the caravan on Tuesday to stock it with dried stuff. Em & Fran were off until the doctor could rule out this e-coli. Emma's Mum managed to pick it up on holiday with Fran . Means our forced march to Farnborough could be cancelled due to Emma's sister Nicola being paranoid of infection.
Hope her paranoia lasts as I can't be arsed.
Otherwise it's back to the drudgery of mainstream life...BORING. Am tired but I think not from exercise but just wanting the day to end. Would probably feel better if i were sleeping in the garden. Going to read my Primitive Living book as bedtime research.

M Jones

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