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Americans - Wednesday 04/08/10

Todays building involved various aspects. Drainage, footings and the poles. Our two American volunteers, Dan and Bree, worked really hard and were most impressive. I finished off the extension of the perimeter drainage ditch and then worked with Bree and Emma digging the footings. Dan broke up the soil with the digging bar, Bree and myself scooped it out onto a sieve where Emma sorted out the rocks from the top soil.
Around 12 Em & I went off to Crymach for some lunch supplies, which we ate in the polytunnel. When the sun comes out that thing gets unbearably hot!
After lunch work resumed however Emma stripped the bark off one of the supports, I tamped slate into the footing for foundation, whilst Dan and Bree worked some more on the drainage ditch. Ayres busied himself with various tasks but wasn't at 100% on account of suffering from man flu.

M Jones

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