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Slugs And Lee Evans - Saturday 21/08/10

Another wet day. Useful in the way I find things that need doing that would otherwise have been forgotten or plain ignored. The slug population appears to have exploded! They get everywhere. Before, I was at ease with their existence. I accepted their presence and unless they were befouling something I held dear we enjoyed a harmonious relationship.
Not anymore.
They're in my wellies. They're on the walls, they're on the awning zip ready to ambush you with a film of cold slime. They even hitch lifts in/on the car when you try and escape. Have dreamt up a new pastime and it contains just two ingredients. Slugs, and my nice new air rifle...
Aside from developing an irrational hatred of lower life forms, I also spent some time sorting out my overdue phone bill, watching the great Lee Evans, and typing up my diary onto the blog. My good deed of the day was in the form of helping another volunteer, an Icelandic chap who'd managed to puncture the tyre of his A reg VW camper on a screw. The trouble was, as we used the foot pump, it sank into the ground and sucked up mud, grit and water rendering it useless. I tried anyway...

M Jones

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