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Hold Up The Torch - Sunday 29/08/10

The round up. I got the time slightly wrong so arrived a tad late. The group was arranged in a circle and giving their views on both the relevance and meaning of the weekend to them, and what they intended to do from now.
I was disappointed. By the group itself. As i said in the circle, it was quite apparent that the various circumstances of the individuals, the resources were all there to set up an eco village. Money, land, me the willing to volunteer etc But it was a jumbled jigsaw. A complete jigsaw that needed sorting. And therein lay the problem, each piece was looking to the other expecting someone to pick them up and put them in their place.  This frustrated me no end.
All were unhappy with their current standing, yet none appeared willing to hold up the torch and get creating.
Whilst i don't at this stage see myself as a 'saviour' i for one have a plan that i hope will empower these people to make another eco village.
I loved an exercise Hoppi got us all to do. Everyone formed a circle, stood heel to toe with arms through the arms of the person in front and placed on their waist. We all sat down on the count of three. Each supported the weight of the person in front. Has to be done to be appreciated i think.
Walked up to Simons and discussed my thoughts with Ayres and Simon,
Will talk to Paul tomorrow and hopefully get this dream manifested.

Didi, our host family's cat was most satisfied with our Wood Burner...

Very satisfied indeed

M Jones

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