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A Handy Bush - Tuesday 07/09/10

It appears that leading a life independent of the marketplace (kind of) and everyday hustle and bustle comes at the cost of being out of sync with the rest of the busy world. Yet again, we took a trip to Cardigan only to find the banks and most of the shops shut. A bit ridiculous as the time hasn't changed. Now learnt the banks shut at 16:30 not 17:30 so i guess we can be forgiven somewhat. Its something more though.
One noticeable change has been when we pass an estate agents window. No longer are we looking for houses, but rather land. Emma says she now catches herself eyeing up other caravans!
I already find the volume of cars both intimidating and bloody annoying. As well as the fact i have to urinate in a designated place, and not behind a handy bush...just a personal grievance.
Am in the pathetic situation where i've been sent some cheques from my parents, but can't pay them in as my bank don't have a branch for miles. So i now have to send them back for my parents to pay in.
Aside from the above, had a chilled out day with the hosts cat on my lap. She just wouldn't move, and because i then couldn't lean forward when eating, she got a nice dusting hehehehehe

She enjoyed licking herself clean though...
M Jones

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