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GoThrough The Roof! - Tuesday 24/08/10

Our new 'Wendy' Wood burning stove

Wood burning stove arrived today just as the family we're helping left for the beach with some friends who are visiting.
Without help or instruction I set about ripping out the gas heater and punching a hole through the caravan wall for the flue. This is in spite of advice to go through the roof. The wisdom of this advice became apparent when i lit a small fire and got a thick stream of smoke billowing into my face.
When Ayres returned he was exceedingly concerned with the whole set up which i already knew to be unsatisfactory, but to have a respected friend voice it really left me down about it.
That said, after dropping off Kit and Sara at Clynderwen station and some fish & chips, I've had a rethink.
Patch up the damage and follow everyones advice. Go through the roof!

M Jones

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