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The Evolving Pond - Tuesday 10/08/10

Put in a good solid days work and completed digging out the drainage trench. The layout has now evolved so that the two channels join to a pond. This will not only serve to be an aesthetic garden feature, most likely housing fish, but will also reflect sunlight up into the house in accordance with permaculture principles.
Damn good thinking I say.
The evolution of the pond  feature iterates the advantage of not building with architectural drawings and blueprints. The build is allowed to flow with ideas, which can manifest as and when circumstance allows. The end result is invariably unique and all the more beautiful.

Marianne's friend Edward who was 'just visiting' PUT TO WORK! - whilst Matilda watched
These visitors just can't hack the pace.
That's it... BACK TO WORK!
Evening was spent around a washing machine drum fire and very quickly bedtime pounced.

M Jones

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