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"You can't rush in Wales" - Saturday 07/08/10

This morning was a late one rising just after 09:00. Plan for the day ; Rubbish, gas, solar panels. Had a bit of a tiff with Emma as I felt her helping the build, then requiring me to help her around the home was diluting our roles and priorities. I am also mindful that if a helpful task such as washing up is done too regularly, it becomes the norm and expected.
I want to remain entirely focussed on what I am here to do.
Loaded up the wagon with empty gas canisters with Ayres, who incidentally was also in the middle of a tiff with his wife...women! Then got the rubbish and recycling on board. Issued with shopping lists, we were ready, just needed next door neighbour, Jude. This meant rejigging the back seat which resulted in a box of dead and decaying slugs falling out of a bag, then sliding down my arm. I brushed off the slime, disposed of the culprits, then joined Ayres at Judes. It was then it hit me. A waft of my arm. The vile stench of dead slug slime... Needless to say a quick scrub up was required. A thorough one too.

Dropped Ayres and Jude off at a farmers/agricultural shop then did my shopping. You can't rush in Wales. Not when there's a wedding on and the cashier is scurrying out of the shop between customers to try and catch a glimpse of the bride exiting the church.

Next stop, Nick the Gas. An Englishman who claimed to be nearly self sufficient bar items such as tea, sugar etc. Amazing bloke, off the cuff i asked if he could knock us up a gas bottle wood burner. His reply "tenner, will have it done by the end of the week". Cheers. We'll see a) if it does get done b) if it costs a tenner. To be fair i'm happy to pay way more than that.
Had a wander with the rifle at sunset. Nothing worth shooting. Did succeed in scaring the crap out of the neighbours who i called on to let them know their rear car window was wide open. In all honesty, to have a camo'd up stranger with a mahoosive rifle rock up to your caravan after sundown in Wales could be unnerving i suppose.

M Jones

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