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MOVING DAY! - Tuesday 27/07/10

Alarm was set for 04:30. Optimistic I Know. Eventually stirred at 05:00. As predicted we overran my departure time of 06:00, instead leaving at 07:30. Inevitable when there are females in tow... and she still forgot the porridge :-(
I was so happy to see my excitement was shared by all with me...
The journey down was slow but passed quickly.  Punctuated by only one stop at the services for breakfast and a well deserved coffee. I hammered on and on to Emma about weight in the caravan when we moved in and the tyres told me how much she'd listened when I slackened of the struts and hitched the van up...women...
Arrived around 11:45 and pretty much hit the ground running. First off was the positioning of the van. Then i got it stable. But stable just is not good enough. IT MUST BE LEVEL!... on a f***ing wonky diagonal hill. Cheers.
Much strained jacking eventually led onto erecting the awning where i amused myself with innuendos aplenty. Poles, rods, shafts, holes, positions, tightness etc etc :-)
Next was the solar array. Built the frame and wrestled with fitting the panels. Bloody charge controller was shot. So much so the battery cable overheated and became squidgy, the fuse melted and the crocodile clip started smoking...

I'm knackered...

M Jones

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