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Jammin and Shooting Stars - Friday 06/08/10

Today was spent idling somewhat as rain stopped play. Decided to use the down time constructively and set about digitising my diary through a blog. On site is an agricultural building known as 'the clamp'. Here, residents pay for square footage for storage, but also a broadband connection. The electricity hook up is also used to charge depleted leisure batteries. In here I sat and typed until I felt hungry about 12:30/13:00 . After a quick refuel I then resumed  my typing until 17:00 by which time my eyes were squiffy and i'd had enough.
At 20:30 i'd been told there would be a jamming session in the farmhouse so with an armful of firewood I set off. Things didn't really get going until 21:00 and by 22:00 I was ready to hit the hay. I find the rhythms that the group settle into put me into a deeply meditative state.
On my way back I saw Ayres was up and ended up smoking and chatting for an hour on the step outside the caravan. Witnessed a pretty damn impressive shooting star, if that's what it was, but you had to be there... 

M Jones

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