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Tir-Y-Gafel Brewers Co-operative - Sunday 15/08/10

Absolutely glorious weather. The sort of weather that beckons you to venture out. Emma and I took the opportunity to call upon some other plot holders.
First stop was Paul and Hoppi's where Paul was engrossed in the creation of a family board game. This entailed a papier mache mountain range along with streams, meadows and 'forests' of  gathered grasses. Was Bloody impressed! Would appear to be Pauls calling to create awesome places people enjoy being involved in.

Had a few cups of tea and a good chat with Hoppi (Paul was in his element and far too involved lol) then it was off to talk beer with Kit and Sara.
Kit was extremely taken with my idea of a brewing co-operative and 'Man tent'. So we paid a visit to Simon D's whilst Emma and Sara gathered Rowan Berries.

Simon is no stranger to brewing and is in possession of a recipe book of all sorts of weird and wonderful brews Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation
His suggestion was to try using yarrow instead of hops or perhaps meadowsweet. He also allowed me to take one of his brewing kits, a Caxtons Best Bitter and some sugar and go off and start brewing! Yey! The Tir-Y-Gafel Brewers Co-operative has begun*. I'm interested to see how the brew pans out without the aid of my trusted 'Brew Belt'.

Kit invited us over for dinner, a potato curry. Most delicious. Have decided to go to Cardigan with Kit tomorrow to visit the brew shop.

M Jones

*afterthought: not sure how 'co-operative' the Tir-Y-Gafel Brewers Co-Operative is. Being that its now just me... :-(

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