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Going On Instinct - Thursday 02/09/10

Dropped Fran off at her new school for her first day. Am happy and excited for her but hate the commitment to a routine albeit a 9-3. Just brings about memories of all we've left behind. After dropping her off and having had a tour of the school, it has left me questioning our aims and plan.
Its been quite apparent, in fact, from the outset, that these guys at Lammas are conventional folk like most others trying to reclaim the independence and freedom of our ancestors but without the sacred knowledge they held. As a result, they're going on instinct.
Whilst my intention of touring and learning this knowledge, i'm reminded by nearly all the residents here that i have an enviable advantage over them. My youth. But i'm concious this gift is gradually being revoked everyday. So i feel the need to find a way to buy land now and get cracking...
Frans new school. Outside play area complete with Wendy house!
M Jones

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