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Pocket Change - Wednesday 01/09/10

Have exhausted our supply of the black slatey stuff, not too big a deal though, as we're going for a sunrise/sunset theme with the gravel. This means its back to the subsoil pile to sift out more of the light stuff. Along side this, more poles need stripping. Asked Ayres how much this project will cost. Probably a question he doesn't like to ask himself judging by the answer. I agree too. How can you put a price on shelter? What will be a home, albeit short term. What about the price of our labour? For the sake of argument and estimate was put around £2500. My reaction was, wow, that's expensive, but that's coming from someone without any money... If you think of the cost of conventional houses its nothing, Pocket change. You pay that much to solicitors alone. Not to mention tax/stamp duty. Really is food for thought.

M Jones

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