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Projects - Thursday 29/07/10

Stainless Steel Pump Pot 1.9 Ltr

Used the rocket stove instead of the gas this morning to boil the kettle. Took ages. Mostly down to the dew. Stove needs some tweaking anyways, still, did the job. chucked the boiled water into a flask - instant caffeine shots. Right! Table time!

My Triumph.

Table was a resounding success. Quite chuffed with my recycling and engineering. Used one pallet, actually less because I was left with some nice kindling.

Next item and project. Shower. Used three lengths of hazel lashed together. Tested it out as well, passed, but needs tweaking. Height. Solar Shower needs to be raised. Covering. Tarp is ok but will probably need another.
Plus positioning is a factor. Am not concerned about nudity, but others exposure it... :-)

M Jones

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