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Mulching - Wednesday 28/07/10

Drove an hour to the nearest Maplin shop to replace the duff controller. Also took the opportunity to do a top up shop at the supermarket. Already pretty settled. Busied myself 'mulching' the willow beds. Basically this involves putting down recycled cardboard to keep the grass down then shovelling cow poo onto it. Good fun, with some music going...
Ayres, the guy we're helping, spent the day creating pathways and building bridges over drainage ditches.
Over the coming days alot of time will be spent preparing the site of the first build ensuring all materials are on hand.
Finally got round to shoring up our caravan door. The wood had come away from the hinge. A couple of nails, hammer, bit of flashing, tin snips and wayhey! Well, for the time being. May very well need to replace a large portion of the door with fresh wood, but time will tell.
Am eager to try out the solar shower, however... no sun... guess a boring old wash will have to do.
Tomorrow I have decided to construct a washing up table out of some pallets, and maybe a bench.
Anything we can do in the awning rather than in the caravan, will help keep people from having to dance around each other.

M Jones

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