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Hardly An Ageing Rock Star - Friday 10/09/10

A wet and windy millpond
Wet and windy. Invented a game using my diary to test Emma's memory. She scared the hell out of me! She would zone in on an activity mentioned or memorable detail, refer to another day or date of fair proximity and count. After roughly ten seconds she'd get the day, not long after that she'd generally get the date too, although her counting would sometimes lead her astray. The incredibly embarrassing thing was that when she tested me i was WAYYY out. Not a clue. Even on days I HAD TESTED HER ON JUST TEN MINUTES PRIOR!!!
I'm the first to admit my short term memory leaves alot to be desired but boy did that shock me. And i'm only 25 years old. That's without abusing drugs, sure i enjoy my alcoholic beverages, but i'm hardly an ageing rock star!
Imagine what i'll be like when i'm 80 and senile. Will need more than this diary. Will probably have to draw a map just to know where my arse is! Best do that now before i forget....

M Jones

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