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Maenclochog - Monday 16/08/10

Set off just after midday with Kit & Sara for a trip to Cardigan. Had a small shopping list from Ayres, but the main aim was to visit the brew shop. Of course it was shut on Mondays... So we filled the afternoon mooching around various shops, mostly charity ones collecting some pretty good bargains. I was particularly pleased with my purchase of Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy (Amateur Winemaker) and Amateur Winemaker recipes
The trip ended with a supermarket shop and then it was off to grab fish and chips in Crymach before us lads went of to play football in Maenclochog.
Had a good run around that saw us troop down to a seemingly near bankrupt village pub, and after another beer at kits it was time to welcome the warm embrace of my bed and sweet restful slumber.

M Jones

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