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Manly - Friday 30/07/10

Replaced a leg of the shower as one was too long and bent meaning it was nigh on impossible to wrap a tarp around. Hit upon a small idea. Remove the hose of the solar shower. Its about half a metre long and if you bend it, it forms a kink and stops the flow. It also means that to have the nozzle above your head, is to no longer be able to reach the tap...

Went to Kits plot to grab my machete as it was piddling down for most of the day and got sidetracked helping with his wedding preparations. Started off hammering in pegs for the walls of the marquee, and eventually ended up riding the dumper truck truck to collect the LPG  converted generator.

Have been invited, along with other men folk, to Kits this evening for a manly evening. Basically drinking my homebrew beer selection and various whiskeys. Was good to meet and chat, but didn't get to bed until 09:30 might not seem too late to some but in this physical lifestyle, it takes its toll.

M Jones

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