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The Fantastic Tony Wrench - Friday 03/09/10

10:00 meeting for a day trip! Have been invited to tag along for a visit to Brithdir Mawr for a little talk and demonstration about wood gasification and wood gasifiers. This is a subject i actually know a fair amount about. My ulterior motive was to see the set up and enquire about a few things as it was somewhere we'd considered joining after Lammas. Even more so when we'd heard they were looking for members!
Got to meet the fantastic Mr Tony Wrench. A real character and bloody nice bloke.

If it hadn't been for my thoughts the previous day, I would probably have said we'd be most likely to go there and live, however i'm torn. They all seem fantastic people. I suppose it depends on what my parents say and whether they can help me raise the cash on some land.
M Jones

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