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Visioning - Saturday 28/08/10

Great to see people meeting, greeting and sharing.

A day of various activities ranging from tours to 'visioning' and guided meditation, to group work and lectures. All about how Lammas has come to fruition and how it can be replicated and reproduced. For me, its been fascinating to see the wide ranging backgrounds these like minded people are coming from. Some wish to retire to an eco community, others have land, others money, some with nothing but a burning and pressing desire to live off the land. Its a jigsaw puzzle that needs jigging so all the pieces fall into place, however, everyone is waiting for the other to take the leap, to create, so they can join.
Some of the most productive time has actually come from around the camp fire in the evening, where people have networked, explained their particular circumstances, and exchanged contact details and resolving to go further. Time will tell and separate the wheat from the chaff.

M Jones

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