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My Big Toe - Sunday 08/08/10

Took the rifle and headed out a beautiful, clear and sunny morning. First off, I came across a small rucksack, upon inspection I found a child's change of clothe, a sleeping bag, and a y shaped stick. I think i know what the owner has in mind....

Next discovery was that of a camouflaged caravan nestled almost impossibly amongst the trees.

Was a useful exploration of the surrounding countryside.

Being a Sunday, the day has been pretty slow paced. I wandered over to the building site to break up some of the larger stones in the foundation footings. Not 5 minutes in, I managed to drop the whole weight of the tree stump I was using on my (formerly) big toe. Still haven't finished 'walking it off'.....
Helped out Kit whose wedding we attended with the clean up of the Marquee from 17:00-19:00, but aside from that chilled out.
A rare luxury was our pork joint for dinner, as meat has slipped down the menu as courgettes have taken over.

M Jones

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