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Munchman Flap Jacks - Sunday 05/09/10

Attended what i believe is called a 'Blessing Way'. From what i understand a pagan ceremony where the community comes together to bless the way for a baby to enter this world and come to being. Only caught half of it as the first couple of hours was for the women to get together and do what women do best i imagine. The part us men were invited to involved singing, washing the mother-to-be's feet and offering two beads and a candle. This culminated with a ball of wool being woven around the circle, which was then cut and tied around each individuals wrist. Not to be removed, until mother and baby returned safely back from hospital.
Crap weather forecast, so may continue updating the blog. Have enjoyed reading Katy and Leanders blog. Especially his humorous post about 'Munchman Flap Jacks'.

M Jones

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