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Options Options Options - Thursday 09/09/10

End of French drain that will hopefully feed a pond

Other end of the drain. Blue sacking to prevent soil slipping due to being a high traffic area.

Where dark and light gravel meet to give Sunrise/Sunset effect.

Building site so far.

Was pleased and eager to be outside today. So much so, i was out past 20:00. Worked until I could barely see and a wood chip jumped up and smacked me square in the eyeball. Called it quits after that.
11 hours take the time spent on the school run and taking the children to the language centre.
Parents are invited to learn Welsh too to aid their child's learning. I completely agree, however couldn't thinking "Yeah, but we won't be here that long..." So either we be here that long and commit to all the various initiatives, or we decide on what the hell we're doing with regards to the next place we're going. If its in England, then perhaps its not productive use of our time. Although I'm all for not only us, but Frances learning Welsh, we have so many options and therein lies the problem.
Here are the options as i see them;

1)Leave in October for a place like Tinkers Bubble, where we can settle, or at least stay for the foreseeable future.

2) Stay at Lammas for as long as we're able, risking outstaying our welcome.

3) Buying land locally with the help of parents and replicating what Lammas have done. Either on our own or preferably with a group of others,

4) Buying land in England most likely a derelict farmstead and blazing a trail, again like Lammas. This would require substantial fund raising, but anything is possible.


There are of course other factors to consider. Option 3 would be good if done close to Frans existing school which she very much enjoys.
There are 14 acres for sale for around £65000 with woodland, however thats alot to manage on your own. Plus would only support 2 other families max. A very intimate community... The reality is that it would be further away. Slightly negating that option, but leads to yet another. Am so confused am going to talk to Paul tomorrow in the hope he can impart some wisdom from experience to aid my decision.
I guess this has all come about predominantly through an attack of conscience .
Our daughter has no control and is bound to follow us, her parents. I therefore feel honour and duty bound to ensure we still provide her with the best possible life that agrees with all of us. That will take compromise. But one thing i know for sure, the only definite I have is we will NOT return to 9-5's and 'the system' or the 'Matrix' as one guy called it. Hehe.

M Jones

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